The Skagway Borough Assembly has taken the first step in choosing its next borough manager. Meeting as a Committee of the Whole on Jan. 13, assembly members reviewed 25 applications received as of Jan. 10 and knocked the list down to five.

Prior to the meeting, assembly members had reviewed resumes of all prospects. After a brief discussion on how to proceed, Mayor Mark Schaefer asked the members to raise their hands if they approved of moving forward with an applicant after calling out his or her name. Two rose to the top with unanimous endorsement, and one other had near-unanimous support. Those three are:

• Greg Cashen, special assistant to the commissioner of the Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development (June 2013-present). Prior to his current position, he was an assistant commissioner in the department since 2011. He previously had two other positions in state government, executive director of the Alaska Workforce Investment Board in the same department, and CDQ program manager for the Department of Commerce and Economic Development’s Division of Banking and Securities. He lives in Anchorage.

• Scott A. Hahn, former city manager of Petersburg (Jan. 2010-Aug. 2011). In his opening letter, Hahn said he resigned to attend to his father in Colorado who was in declining health at the time. He currently resides in Salida, Colo. and desires to return to Alaska. Prior to his stint in Petersburg, he was city manager in Cordova for six years and also had positions in Colorado before coming to Alaska.

• Greg Moyer, city manager of Galena (April 2012-present). Prior to taking the Galena position, he taught middle school in Oklahoma for five years. Before that, he was in Anchorage where he had worked in city government since 1991, rising to the position of municipal clerk from November 2001 to January 2003.

Two more candidates, Judith Jankosky of Lady Lake, Florida, and Richard Giroux of Sebring, Ohio received 2-3 votes and are also still under consideration. Jankosky is an operational facility manager for C2M Hill and a former city administrator and airport director of Arcadia, Florida. Giroux, who had applied to the Skagway job last time around, is the city manager in Sebring and a former director of public safety in Hillsboro, Ohio.

The five candidates are being contacted for consent by the end of this month to move forward with background checks, and then the assembly will decide whom to interview via phone or Skype.

Assemblyman Gary Hanson said they should keep others on the list in mind if some from the first cut drop, and Dan Henry added that they could get ham-strung if forced into an end-of-month date to move forward.

“We did get ourselves kind of stuck before,” Henry said.

Mayor Mark Schaefer said he had hoped to see current clerk and interim manager Emily Deach on the list, but she decided not to apply.

“I have been working on her for months, but no, (she will not apply), unfortunately,” he said.

Applications are still being accepted, but member Spencer Morgan noted that they do have some strong candidates currently under consideration. – JB