Skagway School Superintendent Josh Coughran signed a new three-year contract after a positive school board review warranted an extension and a raise.

His salary will increase by $2,000 at the beginning of each school year starting at $95,000 for 2014-15.

“This is still a fairly good price for a superintendent these days,” said Skagway School Board president Darren Belisle during an April 2 meeting. “Especially for one who is doing such a fantastic job.”

Coughran said he thinks the terms of the contract are fair and equitable to both the district and a second-year superintendent, and they are certainly commensurate with the terms of other superintendent contracts around the state in same-sized districts.

“I feel honored that the school board has the confidence in my abilities to offer the maximum allowable contract in terms of years of service,” he said. “Skagway is a wonderful place to raise children; and we have phenomenal school district filled with exceedingly bright children, immensely talented teachers, visionary board members and extremely supportive parents. The next three years will bring both exciting and demanding experiences to our district.”

Coughran also added that he feels confident that the students, staff, parents and community are prepared to meet the challenges and create the optimal learning environment for the children of Skagway while remaining one of the most distinguished and rewarded districts in Alaska.

Coughran fist came to Skagway School in 2004 and was a teacher at for six years before taking a job elsewhere and returning three years later as the superintendent.

For four years beginning in 2004, Coughran was the advisor to the graduating class of 2008. From 2005-2010 Coughran served as the activities director in which he was responsible for the coordination of all activities within the school and student travel for sports and academic competitions. From 2006-2010, he was the coordinator of the on the job training program and oversaw a vocational program that provided students with an opportunity to learn life and career skills in a community based setting.

From August 2007 to May 2008, Coughran was a superintendent intern under former Superintendent Michael Dickens.