After narrowing the choices down to two, the Skagway School Board decided on a 2014-15 calendar that will have a spring break mid-March.

The choice came down to the same calendar with two different spring breaks — one in March and one in April.

At the April 2 meeting, elementary school teachers lobbied for an earlier spring break, as they said it would be better for their students to have a break before the state testing begins.

Kent Fielding, the school’s English teacher and basketball coach, said if an earlier spring break was picked, it would mean the high school students would be spending their spring break at the basketball regional tournament, which isn’t a break at all.

After some discussion by board members, they decided they could pick the calendar with the earlier spring break to accommodate the elementary students for next school year but could always change it to accommodate the high school students in years to come.

School will start on August 20. Students will get a one-week break for Thanksgiving in November, and a three-week winter break in December and January. The spring break will be March 16-20, and the last day of school will be May 21.

Right now, graduation is scheduled for May 21 as well, but the board has discussed moving it to earlier that week so students going to the state track meet will have enough time to travel.