From the store fronts:
Three tourists are finishing up business in the rock shop and the one lady asks how come people are walking around with guns today. I saw three young men walking down the alley with rifles. I told her it’s still tourist season. They laughed like I was kidding.

A pretty little five-year-old girl danced into a local curio shop. She was very excited. Her mother then explained that “she saw the sign on your door, she wants her free kitten.”
The child had seen the sign on the door which reads, “Unattended children will be given an espresso and a free kitten.”

From the tour beat:
“Is this river fed by the ocean guide? I don’t know of any river fed by the ocean, they go to the ocean.”

A guide explained that they usually don’t eat the high bush cranberries until after a frost. A visitor then asked, “Are they edible?”

After a guide pointed out an old wound on an old-growth spruce and mentioning how it was caused by logging equipment, a tourist asked “”Who would be using logging equipment, guide-loggers?”

After a guide explained that every bit of oil we take from the ground and burn makes our glaciers smaller, a lady excitedly said, “So it’s not really global warming melting the ice?”
She was then told about the human connection to global warming.

Still not convinced about global warming? The SNews team has been watching the glaciers recede for years, but a real convincing explanation of the science was on the Fox TV show “Cosmos” last spring on what the last 100 years has done, and what we can expect over the next 100 if humans don’t fix the situation. Worth a look for sure. However, it does not explain the increase in wind that we hear at the end of the season. You have one more chance to relay said wind to us. Deadline is Monday the 22nd, the birthday of the windy one, and nothing would make him happier on his special day, than a full bag of wind! And, of course, we will enter you in the final drawing of the year for a signed hardbound copy of Skagway: City of the New Century by a windy choir of authors.