The Skagway High wrestling team has lost its state qualifier, Trevor Cox, but Coach Duppy Ticarro is still hopeful.

“It’s a big loss to our program, but we’ve got some freshman that are stepping up,” Ticarro said.

Ticarro said Cox is transferring to Haines for academic reasons.

Members of the now four-person team are freshmen Zach Breen, Steaven McKnight, Micah Cook, and sophomore Alex Ackerman.

Ticarro said he is not a stranger to small wrestling teams, but it is hard to rebuild when you don’t have any upperclassmen to assist.

The team was scheduled to go to a match in Petersburg next weekend, but is going to delay the trip so they can focus on fundamentals and training.

“We’re going to hold back. We’re going to refocus our game plan and refocus our coaching and our outlook,” Ticarro said.

He said the team aims to participate in Juneau’s Brandon Pilot Memorial tournament from Oct. 23 – Oct. 25.

Ticarro said he thinks the team will do well.

Breen comes from Maryland where he spent years wrestling. Ticarro said he has a lot of drive.

“We’re going to see who steps up,” Ticarro said. “Which one of those freshman steps up and who takes ownership of this team.”