During an Oct. 15 Port Commission meeting, committee members decided to work with the State and pay for their part of the ferry float repairs, so long as the State agrees that the municipality is part owner of the float.

Skagway borough attorney Bob Blasco said before the ferry float sank, the municipality received a letter from the State saying that the municipality was not an owner of the float.

After the float sank, the municipality received a second letter saying they were owners of the float and were required to pay for some of the repairs.

Port Commission Chair Tim Bourcy said the municipality should be responsible for some of the repairs, but not all.

“I think we need to work with the state to actually determine what we’re truly responsible for,” Bourcy said.

Assemblyman Tim Cochran said he thinks the state is going to be doing maintenance and repairs, and the municipality will be paying them back for the maintenance done on the side the municipality owns.

Bourcy suggested that they work with the state and figure out who is responsible for what.

Committee member John Tronrud said it’s in the city’s best interest to share in some of the responsibility.

“The way I see it, the municipality turned the water on and didn’t check to see if everything was okay,” Tronrud said.

He said it will be complicated to figure out who is going to pay for what, but thinks that they are headed in the right direction.

Before agreeing to pay for anything, Blasco recommended that the committee ask the assembly to draft a letter to the state, restating the municipality’s ownership position and opening discussion about cost sharing.

“I think it’s time for us to reiterate our ownership position,” Bourcy said. –EG