The Dyea Advisory Board discussed the possibility of rezoning along the Dyea Road during a Nov. 5 meeting.

During a Oct. 1 meeting, Kathy Hosford asked the board to consider rezoning a section of road extending from The Chilkoot Trail Outpost to the Taiya River Bridge from residential, conservation, recreational with a conditional use permit to commercial zoning, with the intention of seeing a coffee shop, restaurant or gift shop built along the strip.

She told the board that the community can rezone on their own as long as 75 percent of property owners agree.

During the Nov. 5 meeting, Chair Wayne Greenstreet seemed to think they did have 75 percent on board, and assumed that only the municipality would be against it.

Greenstreet said he spoke with the municipal permitting official David Van Horn and looked over the conditional use permit.

He said the permit already allows for taverns, bars, restaurants and service stations to operate. The only service not currently addressed is a store.

He said they would need to come up with a generalized definition of a store and add it to the permit.

He also added that the conditional use could be site specific or could be used throughout the entire zone.

The board decided to hold two public hearings in February and March to hear what people have to say. –EG