Is anyone out there interesting in learning the trade of Silversmithing or just trying your hand at it? The Arts Council has an opportunity to bring a silversmith instructor to Skagway in the spring as an Artist in Residence. To be sure there is enough interest to support this venture, we are looking for feedback from anyone in the community who might be interested.

The first course offered would include a beginners, hands-on workshop designed to introduce participants to silversmithing, including fundamental metalworking techniques and usage of specialized tools through detailed demonstrations and studio work.

Participants would work with both copper and sterling silver to design and create their own unique jewelry in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere while acquiring the basic principles of jewelry making and design, including metal piercing, filing and soldering.

Projects may include a ring, earrings or pendant, and each participant would leave with at least one finished piece. The workshop would cover approximately 18 hours over a weekend and would be restricted to ages 18 and over.

There would be a nominal materials fee but scholarships from the Arts Council would be available to cover the fee. No previous experience is required. More advanced levels would follow for those interested in pursuing this skill.

Please call Kathy at 612-0664 for more info or to show your interest level. Whether or not this event happens will depend entirely upon the response we receive from interested residents. -SAC