Though Borough Assembly members have yet to proceed with a first reading of the AIDEA lease, Port Commission members decided to recommend that they adopt it during a Dec. 17 meeting.

Assemblyman Tim Cochran spoke on the issue with the length of the lease, as it currently states having a length of 30 years with a 10-year renewal period. Code only allows a lease of 35 years.
AIDEA’s Deputy Director Jim Hemsath said they could just drop the renewal period to five years.

The lease will begin in 2023 and will end in 2053.

The lease expresses efforts to try and give 50 percent of the driving jobs to Skagway residents.

Cochran said they need to start talking seriously about the possibility of training facilities and truck maintenance facilities in order to make those jobs possible.

The first reading of the lease is on Jan. 8 and the second reading is on Jan. 22. – EG