The proposed “Kalen Amphitheater” name for the Outdoor Arts Facility was postponed on April 16, after Assemblyman Gary Hanson noted that Barbara Kalen may have wanted to be remembered as Barbara Dedman.
Hanson said Kalen’s daughter, Betsy Albecker, was under the impression that her mother wanted to be remembered as Dedman and asked that the issue be postponed.
Mavis Henricksen did not agree with naming the facility after Kalen and suggested that they put it to public vote.
“I think there are a lot more people in this town who need recognition for what they have done besides her,” Henricksen said.
But Jan Wrentmore said the arts council feels that Kalen needs to be recognized for her contribution to the arts.
“Her contribution to the arts in Skagway has been enormous. She’s known all over the state for her love of music,” Wrentmore said.
The assembly also discussed whether the facility should be called an amphitheater.
The name will be revisited once Kalen’s wishes are confirmed.  In the meantime, the facility will open without a name on May 1.