Skagway School Superintendent Josh Coughran announced three Skagway School resignations on May 26.
Courtney Mason has resigned as preschool teacher, career and college counselor and district test coordinator.
Assemblyman Tim Cochran and parents voiced their sadness over Mason’s departure.
“It is extremely important to get someone in her place that can handle getting those students mapped out for their high school career and for their college prep,” Cochran said.
Board member Cara Cosgrove echoed the sentiments.
“We are going to have to seek out someone just as strong and capable [as Courtney]. It is such a critical position to carry,” she said.
Raniyah Bakr has also resigned from her position as special education aid.
Kent Fielding has resigned from his position as cross country and boys basketball coach.
“I know Kent has spent a lot of years with the teams at this school,” School Board Member Darren Belisle said. “He put in a lot of hours and a lot of hard work.”
“She did an amazing job as a special education worker,” School Board President John Hischer said. “I know that the kids who worked with her are going to miss her.”
Coughran said all three will be missed.