Clinic Board Director Cory Thole spoke to Assembly members June 18 regarding a $1.2 million Health Resources and Services Administration grant for the Dahl Memorial Clinic.
Thole said the Assembly was told they were out of compliance with HERSA’s code in November, and was given a comparative analysis of the code in January. Still, he said, the Assembly has made no effort to correct the issues.
“We are dangerously close to losing $1.2 million annually in grant money for our clinic,” Thole said.
He said to get back into compliance with HERSA, the Assembly can either correct the municipality’s current code, which would put the clinic board in charge of its funds, expand the Assembly to nine people, with the two additional members in charge of the clinic board, or forfeit the grant and find the $1.2 million in the municipality’s budget.
Action regarding the non-compliance must be made in the next three weeks. If no action is taken, a condition, or penalty, will be placed on the clinic’s record, making them unable to apply for any other grants that become available through HERSA.
Mayor Mark Schaefer said action will be taken before the three weeks are up, but also said he will need to confer with Borough Attorney Bob Blasco, who has had major concerns with the change in code.
“Rest assured we will get it done in due time, possibly in a special session,” Schaefer said, adding that the issue will be resolved by July 7.