Dear Skagway,

We would like to express our gratitude to the city of Skagway for graciously allowing us to place a bench honoring the memory and life of our son, brother and uncle Cody Ellingson.

A special thanks to Gregg Kollasch and his crew for doing an excellent job preparing the area, placing the bench and creating a view that is beyond spectacular! We wanted a place for Cody’s friends and family to go to remember, cry, laugh and share memories. This is a perfect place to do those things!

Please visit, sit, enjoy the beauty and have a chat with Cody! The bench is located on the trail to Yakutania Point at the junction of the trail to AB Mountain.

Thank you Skagway for being you…

Love, Duke and Peg Ellingson,
Lindsey and Bill Doctorman and
Jamie, Lars, Malcom and Kurt Lawson