After 79 years on the ground, Barb Brodersen decided to celebrate her 80th in the air.

Sky diving was something she’d wanted to do for 10 years, so when her daughters Bonnie and Bambi came to town for the summer, she knew this was the year to check it off her bucket list.

“Bambi said, ‘Don’t worry mom, we’ll have the AED ready,’” Brodersen said. “I asked, ‘For me?’ Bambi said, ‘No! For us!’”

Brodersen was attached to a jump master’s chest. When they reached 6,000 feet in elevation, the pilot tipped the wing and Brodersen fell out, flying over Lake Bennett, Carcross and vast highways and mountains.

The “jump” was just under two minutes, and at no point did Brodersen feel any fear.

“There was no jerk when the parachute opened. I’m not sure how he accomplished that,” Brodersen said.

When they reached the ground, Brodersen asked, “Can we go again?”

After the jump, Brodersen rode a four-wheeler to the camp where nearly 50 people were waiting for her with a card and a birthday cake.

“I didn’t think I’d make it to 40!” she said.

[quote_right]“I didn’t think I’d make it to 40!” she said. [/quote_right]

After 80 years, Brodersen said she’s learned to live each day to the fullest and check items off of your bucket list.

So what’s next?

She’s not sure, but she knows she wants to sky dive again.

“My daughters said they’re happy I got this off my bucket list, but they said ‘Uh oh, mom. What’s going in it now?” Brodersen said. “Keep them on their toes.”