Residents of Skagway,

Deep appreciation goes to assemblyman Gary Hanson in gratitude for his continuous efforts at keeping what is best for Skagway and its residents a priority, even when he has been confronted with his wife’s very serious illness. We need more Garys on our council, and fewer WPYR employees. The assembly deck is stacked in circumstances as are current, when the largest operating foreign entity WPYR is up against any kind of scrutiny from the public. We have an urgent need for a Port Authority run by Skagway, which could in turn provide paying positions. We need creative minds with diverse talents and tendencies to think out of the box. We don’t have enough people interested in public service to have much to choose from when it comes to electing our Assembly. Look at the present roster: current candidates for mayor, a WPYR employee who is in a managerial position, a brother and an uncle who happen to be WPYR employees, at this point unopposed. I would like to put in a word for one, Roger Griffin who has lived in Alaska for over 30 years and in Skagway for at least 10. He is educated in geology, and has worked with the same things we are dealing with on our port and tidelands at this time. He is not employed by White Pass. He is not a one issue candidate. Read his platform. Get to know him. Find out what he can do for our City.

To Gary Hanson:

Thank you for all your hard work on behalf of the City. You have basically been one man that has stood up for what is right for the future of Skagway with foresight and conviction born out of true civic concern. Those on the Assembly where the WPYR lease is concerned are between a rock and a hard place. How can any employee respond when their employer sits in the front row of the assembly, arms crossed, waiting for him to vote his conscience or his livehood.. Personally, given that option in an “at will” position, I believe it would be hard for anyone dependent on their position for livelihood to have anything but a tough time going against their employer. As for Mr. Henry’s push for the deal, there has to be a reason for his staunch support. He bloviates and practically foams at the mouth, belittling any citizen who dares to question or confront the need for a cost benefit analysis regarding this lease. There is no hurry for the Gateway Project. With China being in such a financial upheaval, there is no need for the rush. Just about the time the lease runs out, it will be time for the mines to hopefully begin producing again! If we keep in mind what the City (MOS) has to gain in letting the lease run out in 2023, the income could finance that swimming pool, build the public safety building, and enhance life for all residents of Skagway. And as an aside, all we really needed for the Gateway Project was an easement, not a 35 year giveaway lease! WHY DON’T WE CHARGE WPYR FOR CROSSING CITY PROPERTY WHERE THEIR TRACKS ARE LAID????? This is “railroading at its best”. Skagway, if you vote yes on the lease, you are handing WPYR your future on a silver platter!.
   Nancy Corrington,

    Citizen for freeing Skagway’s Tidelands