• A tourist said to a shop employee, “This town reminds me of an old mining town.” The employee replied, “That’s because it is.”

• A man in a group passing by the cabin at 15th and State said, “That might be a REAL log cabin.”

• A tourist approached a tour guide and said, “I’m here for Skagway.”
The tour guide took a moment and then replied, “Yes. You’re in Skagway.”
They were looking for Beyond Skagway Tours.

• And finally, some questions that defy logic:
“Are the northern lights always in the north?”
“Is Alaska bigger than Hawaii?”
“Is northern lights the commercial name for the aurora?”
“Where can I buy bottled water? I tried the water here and didn’t like it. It tastes funny.” The clerk replied that our water is very clean.

Clean and natural, that’s the way we like our wind too. Only a couple more weeks left in this season, so we will hold off our final drawing till the next issue to give more people a chance to enter our final drawing for a signed hardcover copy of Skagway: City of the New Century. Remember, you have to submit it to the News Depot or email it to the windy one at skagnews@aptalaska.net. Facebook don’t cut it. Wind in the SNews is not fleeting: it is archived and downright immortal.