• A wind watcher in Sitka saw a tourist wearing a WP&YR train hat in Sitka and asked him, “Did you ride the train?”
“No, we came here on the ferry.”

• A biker was following a Skagway Street Car bus on a fairly calm Sunday on Broadway when he heard a tourist on the boardwalk comment to her friend, “How big is Skagway that you need a streetcar?”

• A railroad worker came up to the windy one and pointed to the front of the Skaguay Alaskan visitor newspaper, where it said “Final Edition.”
“I’ve been meaning to ask you this for some time. Does that mean it’s your last edition?” he asked.
“Nope,” replied the Windy One. “It’s only final for this year. I’m good for a couple more seasons on the docks.”

Wind is never final, it lasts and lasts. We are happy to conclude this season’s column with an announcement that the winner of our final drawing and a free copy of a hardbound edition of Skagway: City of the New Century is Ray Tsang! He is away helping firefighters in California right now, where the wind is hot. Be safe Ray, and we will hold your book at the News Depot until your return. For the rest, safe travels for those en route to other places for the winter, and for those who stick around, here’s to lots of snow and just enough wind to remind us who we are. Stay warm, y’all!