After hearing and addressing concerns from Clinic Board members during an Oct. 5 meeting, Borough Assembly members agreed to listen to the advice of Borough Attorney Bob Blasco and submit his amendment of municipal code to the Health Resources and Services Administration.

In order to qualify for future HRSA grants, the clinic must comply with certain requirements put forth by HRSA.

“We went line by line into exhaustion,” Assemblyman Tim Cochran said during an assembly meeting on Oct. 8.

Assembly members agreed to include Blasco’s amendment, though the clinic board did not entirely agree with it.

“We’ve been advised that this protects the municipality’s liability,” Assemblyman Gary Hanson said. “I understand some of the disagreement from the clinic board on some of the items. I believe that these are things that can still be worked through.”

If the amendments made by the attorney are not approved by HRSA, the municipality will still have time to make the appropriate changes and submit them once again.

Assembly members also passed a co-applicant agreement between the municipality and the Dahl Memorial Clinic.

“The clinic has made themselves very clear that they don’t agree with what the manager and the attorney have put forward,” Assemblyman Steve Burnham Jr. said. “If this passes, we are putting forward what is mainly the manager and attorney’s version of this – with the knowledge that it may come back, though I kind of think it won’t. If it comes back, we will fix it.”