Oct. 19
Police checked on a rockslide near the Railroad Dock.

Dispatch received a call from an Anchorage man who believed a friend of a friend was in Skagway and needed help from an abusive situation. Dispatch was able to track the young lady down and as- certain she was OK.

Oct. 20
Police were advised that a 34-year-old Skagway man was the victim of an unprovoked dog bite. Oct. 24

A visitor called from Nevada complaining that the jewelry she had bought in town last month was not what it was represented to be. An officer contacted a manager from the jewelry store, who offered to refund the buyer her money and let her keep the merchandise. Oct. 26

An apparent abandoned vehi- cle on Alaska Street was tagged pending removal.

Oct. 28
Vandalism at the Pullen Creek stream walk construction site was reported. Someone wrote pro- fanity into the wet concrete after 10pm. A disgruntled ex-employee of the contractor is suspect.

Police checked on a raucous after-season employee bonfire in Liarsville. Fire was non-permitted, however police advised they could continue if they kept the noise and flames to a reasonable level.

Police checked on a reported domestic disturbance at a down- town establishment. Half of the party agreed to let a respond- ing officer give him courtesy ride home.

Nov. 1
Police responded to a domes- tic disturbance. Half of the party agreed to accept a ride from offi- cers to spend the night elsewhere. -SPD