Christmas has always been my favorite time of year. There’s just something in the air that is reminiscent of love and light. The stockings are filled, the tree is lit and the snow is falling in crisp, white flakes. Christmas brings people together.

But Christmas in Skagway is something unique all together. I don’t know if it’s because the lights shine so much brighter in the long, dark days, or if it’s the sense of community that radiates across Broadway and down to Dyea. But there is something special here come the month of December. I’m not sure if you can find it anywhere else.

Whether taking photos with Santa and a rascally group of ferrets, riding the Santa train with your best friends and family, or watching the cutest group of kids sing Christmas songs in foreign languages, Skagway has something for everyone. And it has been my most sincere pleasure to document it all here in The Skagway News.

As we say goodbye to 2015 and welcome in the new year, I am humbled and grateful that you have stuck by us during this time of transition. We’ve changed the look, changed the website and continue to learn and grow daily. But it is because of you, our faithful readers, that we continue to report the news every other week. So I would like to give a big thank you to all of our dedicated Skagwegians, near and far. Thank you for keeping up on your bi-montly dose of photos, police blotters, borough digest and more. We couldn’t do it without you.

The News is going to take a bit of break before we start up those printing presses in 2016. Yours truly will be traveling to Thailand to get a taste of sun and sand, and a bit of much needed relaxation. And while I may come back a bit tanner and plumper from all that good Thai food, I’ll be as ready as ever to bring you your news.

Your next issue will hit the streets on Jan. 29, filled with all of the sports, meetings and letters you’ve come to love. So until then, sit back, relax and enjoy all that the season has to offer.

From The Skagway Newsroom to you, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and the happiest of new years.

Until next time!

Elise Giordano,