A big thank you to all involved in the Veteran’s Dinner. Jim Sager as solid as a rock, keeping me on task, which is no easy task. Jim you’re always there without exception. Mike Curtain was amazing on the hot line, steaming crab legs, sauteéing prawns and prepping like crazy before and cleaning until the end. Mike you were amazing.

Angie Greiser, Courtnay Thoe and Ashley “Sweet Georgia” Cochran, you gals did the usual outstanding job serving our Vets and their guests.

JR Madden and Jake Greiser for doing the tough work in the dish pit- you guys were great. To the Local Vocals and the Skagway Orchestra, you get better and tighter with your jamming each year, everyone was digging all that.

If I spaced you out I’m sorry. There are always many who help, and rightfully so. This is one night the veterans of our community allow us to feel good about ourselves by serving them !!!

I have looked forward to the veteran’s dinner night as much as I have any other night of the year. We have been doing this at the Lodge for 20 years now, and I know I speak for all Elks when I say it gives us great pleasure and the most humble of feelings when you attend this night each year so the Elks can show their appreciation for your service to our nation.

Let’s set a record for year 21 and come down to the Lodge or send a letter with your name and P.O. box number so we can be sure to send your invitation out in a timely manner, and please include your years of service, branch and rank.

Again, thanks to all that helped put on another great dinner, and mostly thank you to all of our Skagway veterans. You most certainly are our heroes, and we appreciate each and every one of you!

P.S. Thanks Jimmy Cook for your help with prep. I know you would have been there if you could have, as you have been at so many Veteran’s dinners in the past. Merry Christmas to all that have served. Again, Veterans, thank you!


Dan Henry