After much discussion, Borough Assembly members agreed that Borough Manager Scott Hahn should take direction on the Dyea Campground host and bring back information by the second meeting in February.

Dyea Advisory Board Chair Wayne Greenstreet presented the idea, saying the grounds need more management as people camp, park campers and set fires in prohibited areas. A campground host would track the camp’s activity and ensure that dangerous activity, such as illegal fires, was eliminated.

The management plan for the Dyea Flats was devised 20 years ago and is an agreement between the municipality and the state. According to Greenstreet, the municipality hasn’t been holding up its end of the deal.

“[The state] gave us control of this area to manage,” he said. “We have an obligation to manage it. Right now we are doing a really poor job.”

The suggested voluntary position would work in the evenings, Friday through Tuesday, from May to September, would receive compensation for getting to Skagway and would be allowed to dump in town and get water.

Assemblywoman Angela Grieser said she was afraid that setting up guidelines and restrictions might cause some unrest among locals, asking what exactly constitutes dangerous activity.

Hahn said he didn’t think a host was necessary, but instead the campground should be expanded to allow for more visitors.

“We don’t have a problem out there. We have a really responsible group of people,” he said.

Greenstreet said the entire purpose of the position would be to track the camp’s activity. Currently, he said no municipal employee can give that information because no one is out there.

Assemblyman Steve Burnham Jr. suggested that the job description be more structured, with more guidelines as to what kind of data and information they would like the host to collect.

The assembly agreed to revisit it when a more specific description was available.