After years of studies, the borough assembly agreed to find money in the budget for the Senior Ad Hoc Committee to carry on with plans for the senior center, including the design and engineering.

According to the committee’s reports, a senior center alone would cost $2.7 million. Were a second level added for senior housing, an additional $4.2 million would be required, with the income from the apartments covering the cost of operation and maintenance.

Assemblyman Dan Henry said he remembers working with the committee in the early 90s and attempting to come up with a good direction.

“We are trying to respond to a need that we have had for the last 25 years,” he said.

Assemblyman Steve Burnham Jr. said many grants and alternate funding sources prefer a shovel-ready plan. While the committee has studies from the Foraker group, there is no plan in place.

“At the minimum, we get the plan signed, we agree on it, we engineer it,” he said.

He suggested that the housing be put off if necessary, as the level could be added later on.

“Let’s move forward with plans for the big plan. In the meantime, we can try to figure out how to pay for it.”