Jan. 25
A caller reported to dispatch that there was a toilet laying in the roadway at Seventh and State Street.

Jan. 26 
Dispatch received a call of two injured players at the Rec Center. One was suffering from a “couple of teeth busted out”, and the other had a cut on his forehead. They were able to make it to the clinic on their own without an ambulance.

Jan. 27
An abandoned vehicle was slated to be removed from 10th Avenue, however public works found it still full of the last owner’s possessions.  A friend agreed to move it off the roadway.

Violation letters were sent to the owners of two possibly abandoned vehicles parked on State Street.

Jan. 28
Police investigated a reported dog bite occurring near Ninth and Main Street. The dog, a Chihuahua/Dachshund mix, was being walked on a leash at the time of the attack.

Police responded and investigated a reported domestic violence assault at a Seventh Avenue residence.

Jan. 30
Police responded to a reported flare that landed in an evergreen tree near Third and Main Street, briefly setting it afire. The light from the flare was tracked on the police station security cameras, however officers were unable to locate who might have fired it off.

Feb. 1
Police assisted State Fish and Game by sealing 20 marten skins prepared by a local trapper.

Feb. 2
Police advised a Spring Street resident on how to handle a possible harassment situation.

Feb. 4
Police and Fire responded to a reported chimney fire at a First Avenue residence. -SPD