Feb. 20
Police received a possible trespass and theft complaint at a Main Street business.

Feb. 21
Police investigated an unpermitted, unattended fire near MP 2.7 on the Klondike Highway.

Feb. 23
Violation notices were mailed to the registered owners of apparently abandoned vehicles parked at 10th and State Street and 15th and State Street.

Feb. 24
Police opened a vehicle in which the keys had been locked inside.

Feb. 25
Police responded to and quelled a disturbance where a man threatened to assault another man over an earlier Facebook posting. In addition to no hitting, the suspect, a longtime resident, was also advised to get an Alaska driver’s license.

Police and EMS responded to a possible stroke victim at a Main Street residence. The patient was transported to the clinic. Guardian turned around half way due to weather in an aborted medivac attempt, which was then successfully completed by Coast Guard helicopter.

Feb. 26
DOT was advised of a partially blocking rock slide at MP 5.5 on the Dyea Road.

Feb.  29
A violation letter was mailed to the registered owner of an apparent abandoned vehicle parked near 7th and Alaska Street.

March 2
Police received a report of an annoying barking dog on 7th Avenue. SPD