After consulting with Bettisworth North Architects and Planners, borough manager Scott Hahn was able to bring their price of construction administration from $424,000 to $234,865.

Hahn said they cut down on automatic meetings and on-site visits, but thinks he can still get them closer to $125,000. In order to move things along and allow construction to begin this week, the assembly approved the administration proposal unanimously.

Hahn suggested that Chad Gubala be in charge of construction oversight, with designated in-town inspector Justin Colley performing inspections throughout the week. Colley will be on site two hours Monday through Thursday and four hours on Fridays at $80 per hour, equivalent to $960 per week.

“Senior technical expert and coordinator” Gubala will be on site for two hours each Monday for weekly instructions and six hours on Friday for weekly reviews and communications to Hahn. Gubala will work eight hours per week at $150 per hour, equivalent to $1200 per week. With the project taking approximately 39 weeks to complete, oversight services will cost $84,240.

Assembly members approved the plan, with only assemblyman Spencer Morgan voting against it.

Bettisworth suggested the municipality use PND Engineers from Juneau to perform testing and inspection on the site, for $85,729. The assembly agreed to award the work to PND, not to exceed with only assemblyman Dan Henry voting against it.

Assemblyman Steve Burnham Jr. said PND and Bettisworth prices should have been included in the General Contractor/Construction Management (GCCM) cost.

“It’s an attempt to make the price seem less by separating them. It’s frustrating,” Burnham said.