March 6  

A found wallet belonging to a Whitehorse resident was turned over to police. Dispatch was able to contact the owner via Facebook and get the property returned.

March 8    

A reportedly suspicious vehicle parked on State Street turned out to be a technician working on area Wi-Fi.

March 9    

Police responded to assist a Broadway Street business with an irate and possibly out of control customer.

March 11 

Police spoke to and warned a 7th Street resident about a problem barking dog

March 12  

Police responded to a reported domestic disturbance amongst extended family members on Alaska Street.

March 14  

Apparent abandoned vehicles were tagged at 20th and Main Street and 7th and Alaska Street.

Police were called to assist with an intoxicated man who refused to leave a Spring Street apartment in which he didn’t belong. An officer backed up by a NPS Ranger was able to talk the man out of the house, and into his car where he had agreed to sleep it off until he could catch a ferry out of town the next day. Police left, but were rapidly called back when the man again approached the apartment. Police talked the man back to his car, however the man approached the apartment again even before officers left the area. The man was arrested and placed in a holding cell until he caught the ferry.

March 16  

Police, EMS and Fire responded to a single car rollover accident on Dyea Road. The lone occupant, a high school student, was uninjured, even though she was not wearing a seat belt. Ice on the roadway was an apparent contributing factor.

March 18 

Police contacted a large commercial burn along the Klondike Highway that was producing dense black smoke from apparently burning prohibited materials.

Police contacted the State Street owners of three dogs after one reportedly bit a neighbor. They were advised that all of the dogs needed current tags, rabies shots, and to be kept under control.

March 20 

A black bear was reported scurrying up the hill near the railroad tracks off 13th Avenue SPD