Aasgutuyíkde woogoot ax tláa, ldakát ax kusaxáni tin. Haa Tlagu Kwáanxʼi Yán xoox áwé yeedát, ka has du xánx tsú tláa, du éesh, du éekʼ hás, du léelkʼw hás. Gunalchéesh aatléi, gunalchéesh.

Beloved mother and grandmother Marion Jilkatéet Dennis Madden walked into the forest after a short battle with illness. Her loving husband Dwayne Madden was by her side through her final moments, and her children and grandchildren will forever cherish her in memory, especially her kindness, selflessness, and her efforts to keep ancestry and heritage a part of our lives.

Marion was born to Gooshdehéen Silas and L Duwaxsée Dorothy Dennis, and was raised near her grandparents Aankadaxtseen Bert Dennis and Kaashtullʼíxʼ Marion Dennis. She had three brothers: Silas, Allen, and Bert, and four sisters: Patti, Debbie, Leslie, and Sharon. She loved her sons: Robert Lee Holben, Timothy Wayne Twitchell, Lance Arron Twitchell, Adam Hollis Makeah Twitchell, Lary Martinez, Dwayne Madden Jr., and Sam Madden.

Marion lived with her husband Dwayne in Anchorage and in Skagway. In Anchorage she was a telephone operator for over 20 years at Alascom and AT&T, and in Skagway she worked for the Skagway Traditional Council (Skagway Village) in the environmental program, and also at the Harley Shop.

Terry Williams referred to her as the Tlingit mother of Skagway, since she often had several children under her wing in addition to her own. She was a pillar of the community, and contributed to the construction of the first tribally owned facility in the history of Skagway.