Tongass polar bear warning
“You should be really cautious about polar bears. There are like three or four documented polar bear attacks. They hunt people,” said a fearful visitor to a kid about to get off the train for a hike to look at Denver Glacier.

Liquored up
While sitting enjoying a chocolate caramel brownie, our intern observed a couple hurriedly preparing to leave downtown and return to their ship.
But wait! Time was of the essence and husband still had a bottle of Jack Daniels to finish.
“We only have 10 minutes!” wife exclaimed.
A light bulb popped on.
Husband pulled an empty coke bottle from his pocket and proceeded to empty the Jack     into his makeshift flask.
Mission accomplished.

Have faith, Skagway!
The Windy One was working with a couple of Newsies on the Ore Dock on a windy Wednesday. Most of the visitors were happy to see the kids in their historic caps and gladly took a Skaguay Alaskan visitor paper and held it tight against the ravages of the wind, as instructed by the town’s first greeters.
But then along came a grump (there’s at least one a day), who looked at the boys and said, “I don’t want that. I don’t believe!”
This set the Windy One off. In defense of his community, he scolded the man: “How can you not believe in Skagway?!”
The grump, somewhat embarrassed, turned as if he had something to say, but then said nothing. Maybe he was thinking about what he said.

We are just getting warmed up to start the season, so be patient and seek out good wind. As a primer, grab yourself a copy of Best of the Skagway Police Blotter Vol. II also featuring Heard on the Wind, the best of the past decade from these popular Skagway News columns. If you make a submission, we’ll enter you in our monthly drawing for acopy. This month’s winner is Lisa Parker!

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