While it may not be new, it is different. Lil’ Log Cabin is offering the same great taste, but at a new location inside You Say Tomato.

The deli and bakery continues to offer a variety of sandwiches and treats, but  has  added Tuesday take-home dinners, salads in jars, freshly brewed coffee and more to its repetoire.

Marketing manager Mike Swasey said operating out of You Say Tomato has been a good move.

“It’s really nice because this place really fits well. We use a lot of organic and high-end produce and meats and cheeses and things like that. We bake stuff from scratch. It’s a really nice fit,” he said.

The space has also given them the chance to expand their menu, which now offers a weekend brunch with tea-bread French toast, covered in maple syrup “from a tree!”

Freshly cut meats are available by order or on the weekends, and a variety of loose-leaf teas will soon be offered in-house or for your take home enjoyment.

Swasey said having the counter has made all the difference.

“Having our friends stop in all day long to say hi and then being able to make food for them. Just having this counter and this space that is so warm and friendly inside,” he said.

Owner Michelle Pierce said the seating and counter space has given more of the real deli experience, and the location has given them a customer base reaching beyond tourists.

“We get this really nice steady group of individuals that like that we’re secluded and that we’re just for them,” she said.

Lil’ Log Cabin is open Wednesday through Monday, from 10:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. and Tuesday night from 5 to 7:30 p.m. for dinner. Delivery is free all week long.