Barrett Hedges photographs Alaska. He finds epic landscapes, bears and eagles, sometimes all in one frame. This summer he has brought his photographs to Broadway inside his studio, Bear Head Photography.

Located on the corner of Broadway and Seventh Avenue, the gallery boasts an array of stunning images, ranging from picturesque mountains to bloody faced polar bears, some printed on aluminum and others on canvas.

Hedges hails from Tennessee where he majored in photography eight years ago. Since graduating, Hedges has lived out of his car and surfed on couches, all while searching for the perfect shot. This is his first season-long storefront and his first time in Skagway.

“I was looking for a town with a lot of foot traffic, and I’ve got Alaskan photos,” he said. “I just happened to come through town last year one day… scoped it out and went for it.”

Hedges said he loves photographing Alaska because it’s endless.

“Everyday there’s something different to see.”

The gallery offers matted prints, calendars, greeting cards and books written and photographed by Hedges.

His work can be seen on Broadway or on his website at