The main drag

A woman came upon the Fourth of July parade on Broadway, not really knowing where she was, and was trying to get to the other side. Exasperated, she said to her husband:

“I don’t know. There’s no way to cross, and this is the only street in town.”

When the last ship leaves, does life goes on?!

From the guide division:

While walking from the dock to the train before a hike, a guide and her hikers were discussing town life.

The father of the family asked, “So when does this town close? When the cruise ships leave?”

“Do you mean when the last ship leaves?” asked the guide.

“No, when do y’all shut down the town for the winter?”

“We don’t!”

“You mean people actually live here in the winter?!”

When I grow up, I want to be a grizzly bear

And then, on a hike in the Denver valley, a hiker asked the guide, “So how big do brown bears have to get before they turn into grizzlies?”

Back in the olden days

While looking at the Skaguay Alaskan, a mom judgingly said, “They spelled Skagway wrong.”

The daughter thought for a second.

“Maybe that’s the old way to spell it!” she said.

A flowery facade

A group in front of the News Depot was having a lengthy discussion about the flower planters. The beautiful red, white and blue display has been a hit this Fourth of July season, but it was determined by the group that they were fake. They obviously did not bother to bend over and give them a sniff. They are most decidedly real, and the great work of the Dirty Girls.

  It’s good to see somebody thinks before speaking! The wind has gotten a little thin again, so here’s a pep talk to get you back in mid-season form: “We Want Wind! We Want Wind!”  Get yourselves on over to the bookstore, deposit said wind, and we will add you to our list for a drawing for a free copy of Best of the Skagway Police Blotter Vol. 2 , also featuring Heard on the Wind!