I have driven the White Pass Float the last three 4th of July parades. I have done this as a volunteer, donating my time. I have raised four children and know first hand what a fun time kids have at parades, catching and chasing candy, watching fire trucks, bicycles, dogs and old collector cars just to name a few, all these different float entries bring joy and education to our young peoples lives. I have always appreciated the hard work of all volunteers. Volunteers have contributed to many great things in our city, state and county.

This year as I drove the White Pass float by the bleachers, which are filled with people and the Parade EMCEE  Blaine Mero, I hear Blaine saying how all the people on our float are paid. I do not know this man. I know nothing about him. However If Blaine is going to make a statement like that and be a voice for the city of Skagway, he needs to get his facts correct!

The little kids on the White Pass float waving and tossing candy were like myself just enjoying our day and having a fun time sharing a great Fourth of July. Yes, some of White Pass management was on the float and even a retired employee. I doubt any of the people on our float were present only because White Pass was paying them, if White Pass was even paying them. I do not understand Blaine’s motive why would he announce on a loud speaker to a town filled with 6,000 tourist and many locals, such a negative comment, but these tourists, which are all our customers and allow all the business owners in Skagway a great way of life, not just “White Pass.” But I find it very offensive and not the proper way to share our great country’s birthday.

  Bob Head