Night at the post office

The windy one was the last one in line at the post office before the lunchtime hour. A few minutes before 11:30, the postmaster came out to the lobby to close the accordian door into the lobbly, leaving it slightly open for those still inside.

The woman in front of the windy one was already flustered about the size of her packages and what they would cost and when they might arrive. She thanked the clerk and then turned to see the door almost shut.

“Will you let me leave?” she asked.

The clerk responded, smiling:  “Yes, just go right on out through there.”


We know the season is coming to a close, but let’s keep that wind coming.  We’ll repeat our pep talk from last week, “We Want Wind! We Want Wind!”  Get yourselves on over to the bookstore, deposit said wind, and we will add you to our list for a drawing for a free copy of Best of the Skagway Police Blotter Vol. 2 , also featuring Heard on the Wind!

This month’s winner is Laurie Sica – come on down to the bookstore to claim your prize!