My involvement in Skagway began with co-managing the Little League with Mitch Snyder. I became the Chairman of Community and Social Welfare for the Elks (resurrecting the Solstice Picnic), Inner Guard, Leading Knight, Exalted Ruler, Trustee, Chairman of Veterans Dinner for 21 years, Chairman and MC of Flag Day 21 years, auditing committee, house committee, bowling secretary and other assorted duties. I’ve been the Chamber of Commerce Director. I was an original member of the Senior Housing Center Committee, president and originator of the Skagway Booster Club along with Mitch Snyder, Karen Frizzell and Eileen Henry. I was the traveling radio announcer for boys and girls basketball games, coach of Intramural Basketball, cook for visiting basketball teams, auctioneer at halftime and assorted other duties. I’ve chaired or been a worker bee for somewhere in the neighborhood of 80-90 fundraisers, maybe more and then served on city council/assembly for 19 years. I’ve been the chairman of the Finance committee for the last 11 years. The chairman of finance, nor any other assembly member, have any direct involvement with city monies. The only direction one can make to myself and the city’s finances is that I was responsible for revamping the sales tax and reallocating the reserves into a better position. These two changes have resulted in an increase in city reserves to a better position. These two changes have resulted in an increase in city reserves to around 7 to 9 million dollars. These community involvements have come at great sacrifice to my family, but after all, we know nothing gets done unless we volunteer. My tax situation is mine and my family’s, and has nothing to do with anyone else. I have served my community diligently for 26 years, so if anyone who would like to come down from the cheap seats, question my love and respect for Skagway, and match scorecards, bring it! “You’re a daisy if you do!”

I have planned on serving my town until such time that I can’t, and I promise you that I won’t defecate on my desk, or urinate in my waste paper basket. I still believe you’re part of the problem or part of the solution, and I feel I’ve tried to be part of the solution. We are financially in the best shape in our history, and hopefully will make some choices to continue on that path.

Best regards,
     Dan Henry