Congratulations SE Alaska State Fair Winners!
Megan Barrett: 1st Place- Micro Macrame Necklace with Fossil Walrus Ivory Pendant.

Lisa Mandeville: Photography awards;  2nd Place Wild Plant “Fly Agaric”.  2nd Place- Wild Flowers         “Red Berries”. 3rd Place- Scenic Ice berg in Glacier Bay. 3rd Place-  Architectural, St. Saviour’s Steeple in Carcross YT.  2nd Place- Macrophotography Mushroom Sprout. 3rd Place- Sitka Spruce in Bartlett Cove.
Peter Hines: 1st Place- Haiku “Mountains of Granite”.
Judy Beauchemin Hall: 1st Place & Division Champ- Pink Carnation Cross Stitch Quilt
Tina Cyr: 1st Place, Division Champ & Judges Choice- Mixed media “Soapy’s Skull”.  1st Place, Division Champ, Judges Choice & Best of Professional- Orange Chickadee Batik on Rice Paper.
Ralf Gorichanaz: 1st Place- Zen Whale Tail Sterling Cast Necklace.
Bob Fink: 1st Place- Quill Necklace Pouch, 1st Place & Division Champ Professional- Skunk Hat.  2nd place & People’s Choice- Quill Dentalium Pouch.
Rebecca Hollander: 1st place & Division Champ & Judges choice- Native Raven’s Tail Purse.
1st place- Fiber Art Felted Slipper.  2nd place- Birthday Kuspuk.
Donna Griffard: 1st place- Crochet T-shirt Rug.  2nd Place- Bagels.
Magpie Farms (Kim and Steve Burnham): 2nd Place & Judges Choice- Black Gold Sweet Cherries.  3rd Place- Tart Pie Cherries.
Rebecca Hollander, Tina Cyr and Judy Beauchemin Hall had pieces sent on to the State Fair in Palmer.  An update on these special art pieces will be posted when the items return from the fair!