Reply to Assemblyman Henry’s letter

            I guess I am a daisy from the cheap seats, but I am going to respond directly to Assembly member Henry because I want to make sure Assemblyman Henry gets the message. Your tax situation is NOT ONLY yours and your families, because you and you alone have made it ours by remaining in office and in so doing you have not shown any love or respect for the community or your family!

You have known your problem would probably become public for over two years, yet you filed for and were elected to the Assembly. Six months ago you knew you would probably have to serve a jail sentence as well as pay back the funds involved, and you told the Assembly members about your problem, which was going to be public knowledge anyway. A person who respected and loved the community would have resigned then, but you didn’t. Two weeks ago you knew you were going to jail for one year and a day and you could have resigned the Assembly, so the community could elect a replacement of their choosing for the Assembly seat and you didn’t resign. This is an extremely crucial time for this community and they needed to have that opportunity to vote for your replacement, which you selfishly denied them.

I understand your problems are not over. You have to still face the Alaska Public Office Commission, which could lead to a felony charge and what is your status with the Municipality of Skagway on sales tax? You lied on your APOC submission, you avoided income taxes, have you been honest with the Municipality of Skagway?

Dan, everything you have done has been selfish and self serving, and I believe the only thing you regret is that you were caught again and they aren’t wagging a finger at you and calling you a naughty boy this time.

Mavis I. Henricksen