Plumbing realities
So… do you have running water?” a customer asked in a crowded Broadway gift shop.
“You’re kidding, right?” the owner replied.
“Well, I watch reality TV shows on Alaska.”
All others present were somewhat mortified, reported the owner, who wishes she would have added, “Not in the outhouse.”

No manners, no respect
On the Railroad Dock, the windy one was approached by a man with slick-backed black hair and wearing a jogging vest zipped a third of the way down, exposing a fairly large chest. The windy one, who is not usually distracted from his paper delivery duties, did everything he could not to stare at this product from the “Sopranos” TV era.
“You from here?” the man asked, clearly filling the part with his Brooklyn accent.
“Yes sir, would you like a paper?” said the windy one.
Ignoring the question, the man asked, “You have this train here, right? I want to ride the train. Where is it?”
“Right over there,” the windy one said, pointing to the parlor cars lined up down the dock.
“Over there?” the man asked.
“Yes, see the train, you can get tickets over there.”
“Over there?”
The windy one nodded, and the man moved on. No thanks at all.  And he never took the paper, but the next person gladly took it with a smile and thanks and appeared to know where they were going. The windy one’s faith in the human race was restored.

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