Former Assembly Member Spencer Morgan’s name was not on the ballot for last month’s municipal elections. There were two open seats, now filled by incumbent Tim Cochran and newcomer Orion Hansen.

A third seat became available after long-time Assemblyman Dan Henry’s resignation was formally accepted during the regular session meeting on Nov. 3.

Henry is currently serving a sentence of one year and one day in an Oregon federal prison for willful failure to file income tax returns for his business for four years.

During Thursday night’s meeting, Mayor Mark Schaefer initially suggested Tim Bourcy to fill the vacancy. “I spoke to Tim about this long ago,” Schaefer said. Bourcy currently serves and the chair of the Port Commission.

Cochran suggested that Morgan return to the assembly and other members weighed in.

“I would be willing to step in,” Morgan told the Assembly on Thursday.

“I would say after serving with Spencer on Planning & Zoning, I’ve seen him say ‘No’ to his friends and ‘Yes’ to his enemies,” Hanson said. “I may not always agree with what he says, but I always know what he says it.”

I’m pretty excited about it. It was weird being off for about a month,” the 42-year-old father of one told The Skagway News. “I had told other members of the Assembly that I was still going to be active [in the community], no mater what happens,”

Morgan had served for about three years on the Planning & Zoning Committee prior to being elected to Borough Assembly in 2013.

“I’m excited to be back on there. I’m really happy about the fact that the other assembly members feel that strongly about putting me back on there. I’ve gotten a lot of good feedback about the job that I’ve done. And I’m really excited for some new committee assignments,” Morgan said.

Schaefer will have new committee assignments for assembly members at a special assembly meeting scheduled for Nov. 10 following the Planning & Zoning meeting, at about 7:30 p.m. The Nov. 17 regular session has been.

Spencer has also served as on the Parks and Rec. committee, the Historic Committee and the Ad Hoc Pool Committee.

“I’m kind of excited for the shake-up, because it will give me some different experiences,” he said. “Sometimes when you get those different experiences, it gives you a little more energy to attack them.”

Morgan owns a drywall and painting company, which he operates in the winters; it’s a business he has operated since 2001. He is an engineer and a conductor for White Pass & Yukon Route Railroad during the summer months. “It’s kind of like a job that you wanted to have when you were a young child; and when you get to do it, you realize it’s everything you thought it would be. When I’m driving the engines, I love going to work every day,” Morgan said.

Correction January 2017: 

There was an error in our reporting. The story previously stated that Henry was currently serving a sentence of one year and one day in an Oregon federal prison for tax evasion. This is incorrect. Henry was not convicted of felony tax evasion, he was convicted of misdemeanor for willful failure to file income tax returns for his business for four years.

The Skagway News regrets the error.