October 19th

A local resident asked that we remind everyone to have lights on their bicycles for everyone’s safety.

October 20th

A visitor to town was referred to the Attorney General’s office regarding an alleged theft that occurred in July.

An automated fire alarm was determined to be a false alarm.

October 21st

Information was collected via a translator service for possible stranded motorists. Dispatch was able to determine the location was nowhere near Skagway.

October 22nd

A report of fireworks in the area north of 8th Avenue was made.

October 23rd

A request for the ODP was received.

EMS were paged out for an emergency call.

October 24th

Conflicting automated fire alarms were received.

Sharon Dennis, 52, was arrested for Assault in the Fourth Degree.

October 25th

A report was received of a burglary alarm at a local business. The alarm was determined to have been caused by an employee.

The fire department was paged out regarding an automated fire alarm.

October 26th

The fire department preformed a welfare check regarding possible carbon monoxide poisoning.

October 27th

The owner of a trailer was contacted regarding the storage of the trailer on city streets.

October 28th

A lost wallet was turned in and returned to its owner.

October 29th

Earl Stovall, 55, was arrested on suspicion of Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol.

November 1st

EMS responded to a medical emergency.

EMS assisted with a scheduled medevac.

November 2nd

A request to speak with the On Duty Provider was received.

A missing dog was reported. The dog was later reunited with his owner.

A 911 auto dialer call was received and determined to be a false alarm.

November 4th

Dispatch assisted in locating a driver stranded between the borders.

November 5th

Police assisted two separate motorists in unlocking their vehicles.

November 6th

A report of a dog fight was received.

November 7th

Fire Department responded to a residential chimney fire. The fire was successfully extinguished.