Dock Improvements Grant gets an extension
A State Dock Improvements Grant that was to expire in June 2017 has been extended by one year. The grant originally was for $10 million as part of the Gateway Project. There is $6.5 million left and will be used for waterfront improvements. This is the second time the grant has been extended due to the continuing delay in resolving the matter with White Pass over clean-up of the area and a possible lease extension.

Rec Board and Pool Ad Hoc review updated design
The Rec Center Board and the Pool As Hoc Committee met to review the Recreation Center Addition Concept Design Narrative prepared by Architects Alaska. The plans call for a remodel of the current center and additions including an aquatic center.
The committees will get together after the first of the year to put together a presentation for the Assembly regarding how they arrived at the decisions for the expansion and the pool size.
“A lot of that came together when we brought in experts who looked at what would fit for the community, what types of programs would work for the community. A lot of that is from the first Rec Center expansion and what we sort of nixed from that,” said Spencer Morgan.
The Rec Center Board and the Pool As Hoc Committee plan to make a presentation at the Jan. 19, 2017 Assembly meeting.
“If there are any questions regarding how we reached that design, we can answer them then,” Morgan said.

Borough sends out RFP for Senior Housing Center
The Senior Ad Hoc Committee agreed with changes made to the RFP for the Skaguay Activity Center & Senior Housing Complex. “We are very pleased. This will suit our needs,” said Senior Ad Hoc Committee Chairman Michael Baish. The new wording opens up the design of the building to new, and possibly less expense interpretations.
“They are happy with the language, we’re happy with the language, I recommend we move forward,” said Borough Manager Scott Hahn. The Assembly unanimously passed the changes to the RFP.

Proposed municipal land sales kicked back to P&Z
On a second discussion of proposed municipal land sales in Dyea, assembly members decided to send it back to the Planning and Zoning Commission for further consideration.
The discussion centered around possible future sale of undeveloped land in the Taiya Point Subdivision and in West Creek Master Plan area. That 2014 plan did not recommend new residential lots, but a review in 5-10 years.
“We just had some property conveyed [from the State],” Mayor Mark Schaefer said. “It was up the West Creek Road. This land transfer has been going on literally for about 20 years.”
The assembly discussed lifting a “reserve” label from two of the plats in the Taiya Inlet Subdivision, but leaving some of the land to be reserved as a parking area and then landowners could “feather out” to their prospective properties.
After some discussion, Assemblyman Steve Burnham, Jr. suggested the municipality bring in a professional to make recommendations regarding what should be done with the property. Assembly members also discussed the need to clear up some questions regarding public access easements. Most of the lots are about 5 acres.
“People have different uses for their property,” Assemblyman Spencer Morgan said adding that some of the properties could be used by future land-owners for camping on the weekends as opposed to year-round living.
It was voted for Planning and Zoning to take a look at the property again. The State Assessor’s office will also be contacted to review the property.

Borough pledges $10,000 to Musical Ride
Assembly members unanimously voted to set aside $10,000 to cover any incidental expenses associated with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Musical Ride, which is slated for August 2017. An anonymous donor has ponied-up $14,000 for the 35-horse and rider show. A site observer will visit Skagway after the first of the year to determine the best venue for the show.

New signage will be installed for Arctic Terns nesting area
Parks and Rec has permission from White Pass to install signage marking Arctic Tern mating pair nesting areas. Orion Hanson, who is on the Parks and Rec committee will follow-up. – SA