Blessed by Skagway Style!

As we reflect on this past year

and losses that still bring a tear—

We also think of you and smile

For sharing comfort – Skagway style!


“Blessed are mourners,” Jesus said,

“For they shall be comforted.”

In oh, so many ways you shared—

You called, you cooked, you cried, you cared!


You came with flowers, beds and food

for the Twitchell-Madden-Dennis brood.

With unexpected costs to pay

Donations also came our way!


And so we thank you, friends so sweet

for how you’ve been God’s hands and feet—

You walked with us each mourning-mile,

You loved and blessed us – Skagway style!

The passing of Marion Dennis Madden in February, and Debbie Dennis Carltikoff in August, brought sorrow to our family this year.  In this season of Thanksgiving, Hope and Wonder, we pause to give our heartfelt gratitude for all the many touches of love, care and support you have given us.  So many individuals and groups walked with us through our sorrow: our pastor, Ryan, and church family at First Presbyterian Church; Sara Hischer, Gladys Moran, and members of Skagway Traditional Council; Jan & John At the Whitehouse (love you to the moon and back!); Skagway Elks Lodge and Emblem Club (you ladies rock!); Skagway Eagles and Auxiliary (y’all also rockin’ it!); Alaska Seaplanes; Dawn Nelson; Danielle Authier; Lance Caldwell and Stan Selmer.  Apologies to any of those we have missed acknowledging due to the fog of grief – and thank you, again, for your incomparable “Skagway Style”.  May Hope and Wonder surround you this season – Maranatha, Emmanuel!

~ Madden, Twitchell, Holben, Dennis family