Wayne Greenstreet holds his award at the Yuletide Ball. Photo by Suzanne Ashe

This year’s Helen B. Clark Award was presented to Wayne Greenstreet, a pillar of the Skagway Volunteer Fire Department for the past 25 years.
During this time he has served as Fire Chief, Deputy Fire Chief, Search & Rescue Captain, a fire hall mentor, and has been “one of the most consistent responders, year-in and year out,” said former News publisher Jeff Brady during the presentation at the Yuletide Ball on Dec. 17.
Quoting from Greenstreet’s nomination letter,  “Those who have traveled around to Alaska to the many fire and emergency service conventions and symposiums over the years will know that Skagway’s volunteers are among the most well-trained and capable responders. This is due in large part to the training and leadership of tonight’s winner who has spent countless hours designing and running training sessions, creating and managing budgets, maintaining and repairing equipment, and developing dependable personnel in our volunteer department,” Brady said.
“Skagway has a strong, dedicated core of responders and is a better place because of Wayne Greenstreet.”
The late Helen Clark was the first recipient of Skagway’s Community Service award 30 years ago and agreed to have it named for her so generations would remember her volunteer spirit.  The award recognizes outstanding volunteer deeds in our community. It is now jointly sponsored by Skagway Book Co. and The Skagway News.  Every fall, nomination letters are accepted from the public, and then a selection committee of past winners goes over the nominations from the previous five years and chooses a winner.