Greetings residents of Skagway, and hello to the numerous bunch reading this remotely. I’d like to introduce myself here in the same way I will when we meet face-to-face:

I’m Dan Fox, editor for The Skagway News.

It is a pleasure to come into this community. The opportunity to serve as the editor for The Skagway News and to serve the municipality’s residents is a thrilling one. Please note I’m being quite deliberate in using the word “serve.”

The role of a community newspaper and the job of every journalist is to work for the readers, to present the facts fairly and without any bias. My job is to inform you to the best of my abilities and to keep you apprised of the current events that make a difference in your lives.

Being accurate and responsible with the information presented in the newspaper is a responsibility I take very seriously.

I am originally from St. Louis, Missouri, where I wrote for the weekly publication West Newsmagazine.

On my journey north I spent a brief time in Colorado, then took up writing for a newspaper in Sidney, Nebraska. I have covered mayoral impeachments, written stories on critical issues such as barriers to mental health care and chronicled efforts of charities and community groups as they bettered their neighbor’s lives.

I am eager to learn more about the issues important to the lives of Skagway’s residents, and to learn what gets you out of bed in the morning and keeps you awake at night.

I want to impress one other thing upon you: my door is always open. I welcome calls at (907) 983-2354 and emails at

Now that we’ve got introductions out of the way, please enjoy the rest of the paper.