Results for Skagway students’ wintertime Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) test are in, and Superintendent Dr. Josh Coughran said he is encouraged by the results.

Students take the test three times per year, with the first test being administered in the middle of September. The most recent MAP assessment happened Jan. 30.

With the results in hand, Coughran said teachers can work with students on an individual level, find their areas of strength, areas that could be reinforced and do goal-setting activities based on those results.

The Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA), which administers the MAP test, provides a “learning continuum” that shows what students have already mastered, and the next things they need to learn.

“What we’ve tried to be with students is really transparent, with saying ‘here’s your data, this is what you’re really good at, and these are the things that we are planning on working on towards the next level the next time this test comes up,’” Coughran said.

For the overall results, Coughran said parents should be proud of the students, school and community. At an individual level, he said the district will send out as much information on the MAP scores as possible, such as how to interpret the scores.

The reading assessment saw 84 percent of students in grades 1-6 and 96 percent of students in grades 7-11 at or above national norms.

In mathematics, 82 percent of students in grades 1-6 are at or above the national norm. Grades 7-11 have 89 percent of students at or above national norms.

Language usage saw grades 3-6 at 91 percent or above the national norm and 100 percent of students in grades 7-11 at or above the national norm.

During his presentation to the board, Coughran language is where Skagway students excel the most.

“And you see it, everyday,” Coughran said in an interview the day after the board meeting. “Our kids are articulate, they are passionate and opinionated and they’re really able to represent themselves really well linguistically.”