Skagway has rounded the second bend, and is racing down the stretch towards the third corner of its track season: the regional meet in Juneau on May 19-20.

The team came out of the May 5-6 meet in Juneau and the April 29-30 meet in Sitka strong, with runners like Ethan Goebel, Jennifer Hansen and Danny Brady leading the attack on the track.

Goebel landed first in the 800-, 1600- and 3200-meter races at Sitka. He apparently felt like doing the same again at Juneau, only adding a first-place finish in Juneau’s 400-meter race as well.

Fielding said Goebel is extremely confident and committed, and is focusing hard on making the state meet.
“The belief is that he will qualify for the 800, 1600 and 3200,” Fielding said. Despite a strong run in the 400 at Juneau, Fielding said he probably will not run Goebel in that race at regionals.

Danny Brady legs the baton in the 4×400 at Thunder Mountain High in Juneau. PHOTO BY KATE BAUER

Brady performed strong as well at both meets, taking third and fourth in the 800 at Sitka and Juneau respectively.

“It was a huge meet for Danny because he ran a 4:52 mile,” Fielding said. “That’s the first time he’s broken five [minutes]. For regionals, he’ll probably go 4:40, which will put him maybe 5, 6, 7 at state, which is big as a sophomore.”

In the girls races, Hansen pushed hard against the competition, taking third in the 100-meter dash and the high jump at Sitka, and taking fourth in Juneau’s 100-meter dash and third in the high jump.

“Right now it looks like she has a pretty good chance at qualifying,” Fielding said. “And she’s only going to improve.”

When the team returns to Juneau, they will be facing the same competing teams on the same track. Fielding said the hope is for the front-runners to hold their position, and cut some seconds from the times of the other students.

There is potential to improve, Fielding said. He thinks Colton Belisle can shave time from his 200-meter sprint, and that Madison Cox has a good shot in the triple jump at regionals – despite her just learning the technique.

Kara Whitehead winds up to hurl the discus. PHOTO BY KATE BAUER

“We just hope to qualify as many students as possible,” Fielding said.

Skagway’s hurdlers – all of whom have been facing the challenge of unfamiliar fields of play so far this season – have potential to grow too, according to hurdle coach Kate Bauer.

Juneau was the first chance the kids had to run hurdles on a synthetic track, which is a different beast than practicing hurdles on the grass. The Juneau meet also featured significantly more teams than the Sitka meet.

“You could tell the nerves were there,” Bauer said.

Hansen’s strong showing in the 100 and high jump proved nerves can be overcome, however. Bauer said Hansen was performing well in the 100-meter hurdle as well, but fell as she leapt over the final hurdle and was disqualified.

“She hit the last hurdle, and I think there was just fatigue, but I think that’s something we can work on,” Bauer said. “She’s ready to get better this week, and get ready for [regionals].

Hansen’s 100-meter dash time is stellar, and she is quick on the track between the hurdles; Bauer thinks Hansen can place and go to state if she can clear all ten hurdles.

Returning to the same track and facing the same lineup of competitors should help push down nerves and race times, Bauer said.
Cox was a split-second from placing in the 300-meter hurdles, and with a focus on getting quicker before regionals, Bauer thinks Cox will place in the May 19-20 track meet.

“She’s got to shave like two seconds off, which in a hurdle race is actually easier to do, because people can take off that time going over the hurdles if they get quicker doing that,” Bauer said.

Following the regionals in Juneau, the state track meet will take place in Palmer on May 26 and May 27.

Results below are from Juneau and Sitka finals.

Sitka – Boys

800 meters

  1. Ethan Goebel • 2:11.06
  2. Danny Brady • 2:20.06

1600 meters

  1. Ethan Goebel • 4:47.63
  2. Danny Brady • 5:09.04
  3. Wyatt Belisle • 5:35.20

3200 meters

  1. Ethan Goebel • 10:19.83
  2. Danny Brady • 10:52.51

300m hurdles – 36”

  1. Colton Belisle • 1:00.58

4×400 relay

  1. Danny Brady, Wyatt Belisle, Colton Belisle, Ethan Goebel • 4:17.47

Juneau – Boys

400 meters

  1. Ethan Goebel • 55.06

800 meters

  1. Ethan Goebel • 2:07.38
  2. Danny Brady • 2:12.07

1600 meters

  1. Ethan Goebel • 4:38.45
  2. Danny Brady • 4:52.31
  3. Wyatt Belisle • 5:26.74
  4. Micah Cook • 5:58.63

3200 meters

  1. Ethan Goebel • 9:59.59
  2. Danny Brady • 10:41.62

4×400 relay

  1. Danny Brady, Colton Belisle, Wyatt Belisle, Steaven McKnight • 4:24.36

4×800 relay

  1. Wyatt Belisle, Colton Belisle, Micah Cook, Steaven McKnight • 10:19.64

Long Jump

  1. Steaven McKnight • 15-06.75
  2. Colton Belisle • 13-11.50


Sitka – Girls

100 meters

  1. Jennifer Hansen • 14.25

400 meters

  1. Jennifer Hansen • 1:15.14

800 meters

  1. Jennifer Hansen • 3:25.00
  2. Eliza Myers • 3.28.00

1600 meters

  1. Eliza Myers • 7:49.40

High jump

  1. Jennifer Hansen • 4-04.00

Long jump

  1. Madison Cox • 11-07.75

Juneau – Girls

100 meters

  1. Jennifer Hansen • 13.92

200 meters

  1. Jennifer Hansen • 29.13

1600 meters

  1. Eliza Myers • 7:50.32

Shot Put – 4kg

  1. Kara Whitehead • 22.04-00


  1. Kara Whitehead • 51-04

High jump

  1. Jennifer Hansen • 4-00.00

Long jump

  1. Eliza Myers • 11-08.00
  2. Madison Cox • 11-03.50

Triple jump

  1. Madison Cox • 24-01.50