Citing health issues, Borough Assembly Member Angela Grieser has resigned her seat with Skagway’s governing body.

“I am grateful to the people of Skagway for electing me to represent them,” Grieser said in the letter. “I sincerely apologize for not fulfilling my commitment and finishing my term.”

In her letter, Grieser explains that she’d been combating health issues over the winter. While her prognosis is good now, Grieser said she’s discovered that she does not have the energy to work a full-time job and remain on the assembly.

In an interview following the assembly’s acceptance of the letter, Grieser said she made the decision thinking the move was the best choice for the city.

On May 4, the assembly accepted the resignation, and put out a call for new applicants for the now-open position. The municipality is accepting letters of intent for the open seat through Monday, May 15. When those are collected, the assembly will schedule a separate meeting to discuss them.

The assembly has 30 days from May 4 to select a replacement. The position will last until the next borough election in October 2017, but the candidate is free to run for re-election then if they desire. Applicants must be a registered voter. Letters of interest can be emailed, hand delivered or mailed to the Borough Clerk’s office.

Grieser stated a hope that women would apply for the open position, but encouraged all citizens interested in municipal government to apply.

“Skagway government needs honest, unbiased representatives whose only agenda is the welfare of our people and our city,” Grieser said.

On May 4, Mayor Mark Schaefer asked the clerk to write up a letter thanking Grieser for her time spent on the assembly.

In an interview after the assembly received Grieser’s letter, but prior to the May 4 meeting, Schaefer said he understands Grieser’s predicament.