But the changing room is heated…

Heard in the ladies’ boutique:  “I’ll have to come back later.  I’m too cold to take off my clothes now.”

Do they now?

A visitor asked, “At what altitude do the deer turn into elk?”

The local responded, “The same altitude the horsies turn into unicorns.”

Bank of confusion

A woman walked into the bank, and she appeared visibly upset.

“How can I help you?” the teller asked.

“I was in Canada and put my Bank of America card in an ATM and it gave me Canadian money,” she huffed

“Ma’am, you were in Canada,” noted the teller.

“Yes, I know, but it is the Bank of America, America!”

Maps for sale

A woman walked into the bookstore and asked if maps were sold there. Upon being told that all of the

available maps are hanging on the back wall for her to see, she asked, “Do you sell any?”

Her partner shook his head and walked out the door, leaving the woman to figure it out for herself.

Real and sweet

The windy one was having lunch at the Sweet Tooth Café with the Monday quarterback club

and was approached by a woman in line near the door.

“Do they serve real food here, or just sweet food?”

One of the quarterbacks looked up from his sandwich and said, “Real food.”

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