Where are we again?

“I’ve told you three times, dear. We’re in Ketchikan!”

Oceans 101 refresher course needed

A people-mover cart driver on the Railroad Dock almost had trouble staying on track after hearing the following:

Two women were remarking about how green the water is in the Taiya Inlet.

One then stated, with authority, “I’m from the East Coast and where the water is blue.”

The other, not to be outdone with her knowledge of all things aquatic, responded, “The water here is green because the Pacific Ocean is salt water, and the Atlantic Ocean is fresh water.”

Oh my, we’re lucky that driver didn’t run off the dock after hearing that exchange. Assignment: More wind, please. Don’t just Facebook it. Our wind has a more permanent quality to it. Drop your wind off at the bookstore or send to alaskan@skagwaynews.com, and we will enter you in a monthly drawing for a copy of Best of the Skagway Police Blotter, Vols 1 and 2, featuring the best of “Heard on the Wind.”