Tapioca futures looking good

After looking at the “Urban Birthstones” chart (see photo) at the rock shop, a woman asked to see the “bubble tea pearls” since her birthday is in August.

Dialing for dollars

Husband: “What do you think of Skagway?”

Wife: “They didn’t even have a Dollar Store. I’m kind of disappointed.”

Border bear prep no-no

A Tagish resident relayed this story to the windy one: It seems that a family visiting the Yukon had purchased some bear spray to bring to Alaska. They had been warned about bear. The Yukoner watched as the parents lined up their kids on the side of the Alaska Highway and prepared to spray them with bear spray. Fortunately, they were stopped just in time and told, “That’s not the way you use bear spray!”

Now that’s some quality wind, punctuated almost with a touch of cayenne pepper in the breeze. Keep it coming as we enter the month of August, which is usually the best month for wind. Send to the windy one at alaskan@skagwaynews.com, or drop off at the News Depot on Broadway and we will enter you in a monthly drawing for a copy of Best of the Skagway Police Blotter, Vols 1 and 2, featuring the best of “Heard on the Wind.” This month’s winner is Art Johns.